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  • angie chi-chi wuchin

    born ohio, grew up in georgia. student in new york, married in san francisco, living and working in shanghai.

    past loves: marguerite duras, luis bunuel, eva hesse, egon schiele

    current crushes: cp, traveling, short fiction, my monstrous pirated dvd collection, nonno magazine

    pet peeves: pushy people, high heels, stinky tofu, ugly buildings, cheaters

    next stop: mommyhood


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clifford chin

Uh oh! I have the same haircut as a 13 month old...


OMG, he is soooooo cute! I wish I can come right over and pinch his cheeks and give spence a big kiss!

miss you guys!


wow!!! All girls will fall for this little guy!!


If they like asians.


He is too cute!! Better watch out if you take him to San Diego, my mom might not let you take him away...


This is great info to know.

Amber Kelps

Hello everyone...looking forward to using this site!

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