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  • angie chi-chi wuchin

    born ohio, grew up in georgia. student in new york, married in san francisco, living and working in shanghai.

    past loves: marguerite duras, luis bunuel, eva hesse, egon schiele

    current crushes: cp, traveling, short fiction, my monstrous pirated dvd collection, nonno magazine

    pet peeves: pushy people, high heels, stinky tofu, ugly buildings, cheaters

    next stop: mommyhood


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Hello Spencer, Angie and Calvin!

Wow you got a great time in Italy :)
Spencer is so beautiful! Ooh happy (late) happy birthday! (soooorryyy)


Angie- Mommy! Calvin- Daddy! Spencer- Cutie Pie!

Happy one year birthday, beautiful Spencer, thanks for sharing these great photos. What a jet-setting, eventful, photogenic first year you've had.

Much love and kisses, from Auntie Colleen, Uncle Dirk, and a Cousin Max (who sends a big wave-kiss mwaah!)


Hello Spencer, Angie and Calvin!

Greg and I (and of course Italy) miss you very much! Can't wait to see you in a couple of months...

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